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Tiěhéjīn de míngchēng 9/5000 Ferroalloy name

Release date:2020-04-26 | Browse times:1165


Ferroalloys, iron alloys are products that are added to molten iron as a deoxidizer or elemental additive during the steelmaking process to impart certain properties or to meet certain requirements. An intermediate alloy of iron and one or more elements, mainly used in steel smelting. In the steel industry, all intermediate alloys used in steelmaking, whether iron or not (for example, silicon-calcium alloys), are often referred to as "iron alloys". Some pure metal additives and oxide additives are usually included.

       Some pure metal additives and oxide additives are usually included. Ferroalloys are commonly used as: deoxidizers: oxygen is removed from molten steel during steelmaking, and some iron alloys can also remove other impurities in the steel, such as sulfur, nitrogen, and the like. Alloy Additives: Alloying elements are added to the steel to improve the steel properties required for the steel composition. Inoculant: Add molten iron before casting cast iron to improve the crystal structure of the casting.